Order of the Star of Italy

The Order of the Star of Italy was established by Law 13 of 3 February 2011 (OJ 49 of 1.03.2011) which updated name, purpose and classes of the Star of Italian Solidarity. The new name of "Order of the Star of Italy" respond to changes that have occurred since World War II, when the Order was established in order to give recognition for Italians abroad or foreigners who had better assisted in the reconstruction of Italy.

The award is granted by the President of the Republic, on the proposal of Minister of Foreign Affairs, after consulting the Bar Council. Chaired by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Council is composed of four members, one of whom is the Head of the Diplomatic law of the Republic. With the changes introduced by the new law you want to reward those who have acquired special merits in the promotion of relations of friendship and cooperation between Italy and other countries and in the promotion of ties with Italy.

The new law creates two new classes; the Order is thus now divided into five classes: 
- Grand Cross 
- Grand Officer 
- Commander 
- Officer 
- Knight.

It 'also established a special class of the Grand Cross of Honour, for those who have lost their lives or suffered serious physical impairments in activities of high humanitarian value abroad.

Use the honor "of the Star of Italian Solidarity" is allowed without restriction.

OMCE Jordan general manager Dr. David Manneh was awarded Star of Italy (Knight) by the President of Italy on the 15th of January 2015.