ISO 22000 : 2018 (Click to see certificate)

ISO 14001 : 2015 (Click to see certificate)

ISO 9001 : 2015 (Click to see certificate)

OMCE Tapered drum is produced in several different capacities: from 60 up to more than 225 lt. Thanks to its shape it is possible to insert one drum into the other with a considerable saving of storing and transport expenses. The 200 and 225 lt. capacity models are used in connection with an inner aseptic bag suitable for the canning and forwarding of concentrated products like tomato paste, fruit, and puree. According to the main consumer’s demand, it is built using cold rolled steel, in respect of EN 10130 and 10131 rules also ISO 15750. The body is electrically welded and reinforced by the aperture with one or two beads in order to strengthen it. The bottom is seamed to the body. Inside it is protected by an epoxyphenolic lacquer and outside it is painted in one plain color. It offers two different ways of closing: a full removable plastic cover for foodstuff or a painted metal or galvanized removable cover, fixed to the body by a ring. TAPERED DRUM are also introduced to chemical branch 213 - 230 litres

OMCE cylindrical steel drums (216 lts), are used for the chemical and petrochemical industry. All our drums are made of New Prime cold rolled steel according to EN 10131 and EN 10130 rules (ISO 15750). The body is electrically welded and reinforced by the aperture with two beads in order to strengthen it or multi beads and ISO container. The bottom and cover is Triple seamed to the body with suitable seaming compound according to customers demand. Drums can be raw inside or treated with laquer and outside are painted with one plain anti rust color acrylic base.

All our cylindrical drums are UN omologation certified .

Our cylindrical drums are iso containers (80 cylindrical drums can be fitted on pallets in 20 foot container).

OMCE Jordan capacity is 3500 cylindrical drums per shift and 4500 conical drums per shift.