OMCE has taken various steps to be 100% at par with their environmental protection duty as a leading manufacturer in the world of metal packaging.  Its mission is to lessen the implications its products have on the environment.  On this account, OMCE is not only turning to solar power to reduce its environmental impact, but has also managed to reduce industrial pollution and conserve scarce water and energy resources.  

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CLFP Santa Clara 2020

Visit us at Santa Clara at CLFP 2020 booth 717

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Star of Italy

Order of the Star of Italy

The Order of the Star of Italy was established by Law 13 of 3 February 2011 (OJ 49 of 1.03.2011) which updated name, purpose and classes of the Star of Italian Solidarity. The new name of "Order of the Star of Italy" respond to changes that have occurred since World War II, when the Order was established in order to give recognition for Italians abroad or foreigners who had better assisted in the reconstruction of Italy.

The award is granted by the President of the Republic, on the proposal of Minister of Foreign Affairs, after consulting the Bar Council. Chaired by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Council is composed of four members, one of whom is the Head of the Diplomatic law of the Republic. With the changes introduced by the new law you want to reward those who have acquired special merits in the promotion of relations of friendship and cooperation between Italy and other countries and in the promotion of ties with Italy.

The new law creates two new classes; the Order is thus now divided into five classes: 
- Grand Cross 
- Grand Officer 
- Commander 
- Officer 
- Knight.

It 'also established a special class of the Grand Cross of Honour, for those who have lost their lives or suffered serious physical impairments in activities of high humanitarian value abroad.

Use the honor "of the Star of Italian Solidarity" is allowed without restriction.

OMCE Jordan general manager Dr. David Manneh was awarded Star of Italy (Knight) by the President of Italy on the 15th of January 2015.


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CLFP 2017 Sacramento California

Join us at the CLFP Expo & Showcase of Processed Foods in a 2 day event held from 8th February to the 9th February 2017 at the Sacramento Convention Center in Sacramento, United States Of America. Booth 433

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OMCE-Jordan Improves Safety and Saves Money by Reducing Hazardous Chemicals Use



Drum manufacturing plant reduces use of harmful solvents and improves operations

OMCE-Jordan Improves Safety and Saves Money by Reducing Hazardous Chemicals Use

Painting oven at OMCE-Jordan

Dr. David Manneh, OMCE-Jordan Plant Manager, said, “With USAID’s assistance, we accelerated the process of sub-stituting solvent-based paint with water-based paint in our pro-cesses. USAID helped our facili-ty make operational changes that significantly reduce gaseous emissions and protect workers’ health.”

By using a 50/50 water/solvent-based paint rather than solvent-based paint in its manufacturing process, OMCE-Jordan reduced gaseous emissions and achieved an annual savings of 23,000 JOD. Other operational changes have reduced the risk of human health exposure, environmental contamination, and fire.
Located in the Al-Hashimiyeh Industrial Zone in Zarqa, Jor-dan, OMCE-Jordan produces cylindrical drums, tapered drums and metal rings. Operations include metal cutting, rolling, welding, flanging, beading, seaming, painting, curing and marking.
In addition to the paint substitution, OMCE-Jordan has made several other changes recommended in a USAID-funded pollution prevention assessment of the factory’s operations:

  • Modified pressure settings on air compressor
  • Repaired leaks from air compressor lines
  • Improved the handling of paints and solvents in paint mixing room

The air compressor and compressor line changes will save an estimated 7,500 kWh/yr in electricity (approximately 500 JOD), which is equivalent to 4,000 kg of CO2 emissions. The handling modifications have reduced emissions, odors, and potential chemical exposure to workers, as well as the risk of fire and related environmental and human health conse-quences.
Cost savings from using the less expensive 50/50 water/ solvent-based paint will increase if OMCE-Jordan begins producing water-based paint internally instead of purchasing it from suppliers.

OMCE-Jordan is one of 30 industrial partners working with USAID to reduce industrial pollution and conserve scarce water and energy resources – in ways that benefit the bottom line. The Water Reuse and Environmental Conservation Project examined water and energy use, material and waste flow, production processes, quality control, and other aspects of each facility’s operations. The assessments suggested options for minimizing pollution and saving water, energy, and money. Costs and payback periods for various options were also analyzed.


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Omce Jordan expands its building

In august 2006 omce jordan expanded its premisses to reach about 5000 square meters covered area.

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Omce Jordan installs new line of production

During third quarter 2006 a new line of production was mounted at omce jordan to reach a production capacity of 5000 drums per day.

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Handball Company's team won 1st place during companies championship

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Omce Jordan sponsors girls basketball team at school's championship

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Omce Jordan sponsors The Exhibition " Islam in Sicily"

The exhibition "Islam in Sicily. A garden between Two Civilizations", which was held at the City Hall in Amman from 10 until 25 July 2002 under the patronage of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah, was organized by the Italian Embassy in Jordan in order to celebrate the nomination of Amman as Arab Cultural Capital for 2002.

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